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Glow City Candles



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Unique hand-carved glowing cat candle. Featuring a cute heart-tailed cat on one side and the word "MEOW" with paw prints on the other.  Made of 100% paraffin wax; scent free. Carved completely free-hand. All candles are designed to glow the moment you light the wick, however they do their best in a dark room. “Refillable” with tealights, leds, or votives as it melts down the center only; instructions provided with every candle.

•100% cotton wick
•food grade paraffin
medium- 5 inches 2lbs

* This candle when selected in egg shape comes in one size only! Contact us if you’d like it on a different shape/size.

*All candles are made individually by hand so no 2 candles are exactly alike. Although I do my best to recreate color schemes multiple times, candles WILL vary in color slightly. 

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