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Glow City Candles

Custom Round Candle

Custom Round Candle

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Please contact us regarding your custom design. If we do not receive contact within 48 hours of purchase, the artist will use creative freedom.

Order a candle custom made just for you! All custom candles include a  $15 upcharge factored into the price already i.e. (Price of the candle + $15). You may choose the color, size and design; Use our color reference on the site to choose your primary and secondary colors. Please keep in mind our artist has less than 10 minutes to complete the design before the wax becomes to brittle to carve. We ask that you try to choose a "vector" style design however; you are welcome to inquire if you have a specific design in mind. Simply place your order then send us an email with your design. We will respond with the details and specifics of your custom candle and our capabilities to complete your request. Please keep in mind we do not mass produce anything copyrighted but we are happy to make something "inspired" by popular designs. We are also happy to attempt most designs except for portraits.

•100% cotton wick
•food grade paraffin
•Height/Size                                                                                                                        *small- 3 inches 1lbs
  *medium- 5 inches 2lbs
  *large- 7 inches 3lbs


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