Frequently Asked Questions

All candles are made of 100% food-grade paraffin wax, colored with paraffin chip pigments, and 100% cotton wicking for minimal soot output. This means we provide the cleanest burn possible for you!

Forever is a word we use lovingly, given you care for your candle art properly, they can absolutely become ever-lasting works to bring you joy throughout the years. Please remember to read and follow all instructions given with your candle to ensure the proper burn tunnel is created. This allows you to keep the art as a functional candle holder for years to come! Do not hesitate to contact us with questions you may have regarding the instructions. But remember we do not accept returns on candles unless they arrive broken or otherwise damaged through no fault of your own (i.e. shipping). We thank you for your understanding!

Customs are currently closed for the time being. We thank you for your understanding and patience.